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Jaechul (Harry) Roh

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I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst under the supervision of Prof. Amir Houmansadr. I have recently graduated B.Eng in Computer Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).


My research interests rely on Trustworthy AI and Adversarial ML. Especially, I am fascinated by both adversarial attack as well as adversarial training that aids to overcome the vulnerability of various machine learning models in wide range of domains. I am also interested in exploring other fields of study such as the relationship between adversarial attack and federated learning, backdoor attacks/defense, and robust optimization.


  • Robust Smart Home Face Recognition under Starving Federated Data 

      Jaechul Roh, Yajun Fang

       2022 6th International Conference on Universal Village (IEEE UV2022)


       [paper] [code] [slides] [video]

       Jaechul Roh, Minhao Cheng, Yajun Fang       

       2022 6th International Conference on Universal Village (IEEE UV2022)


       [paper] [code] [slides] [video]

  • Impact of Adversarial Training on the Robustness of Deep Neural Networks 

        Jaechul Roh​​

       2022 IEEE 5th International Conference on Information Systems and Computer

       Aided Education (ICISCAE)



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