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HCI Projects

This is my HCI project page. Feel free to take a look at my newest projects. There are more interesting projects that are coming soon. Keep yourself updated!



The first HCI Group Project was about improving one of our university's features in a more intelligent way. Our group decided to create a smarter course enrollment system. 


We built an application that resides with the chatbot system for students going under quarantine at school. The app and the chatbot aids them to have a smoother process in ordering food, asking for supplements, getting medical support and enjoying entertainment.

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 1.29.30 AM.png


We created a VR prototype using Mozilla Hub that allows people to travel in the virtual reality during the COVID-19 period. Professional tour guides will guide them through different landmarks and the users will also meet other travellers in the shared VR room and they may travel together.

Photo taken by myself (City of Rome)

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